David E. Deffner
160 Riverview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15202, USA

Website www.deadscreations.com
Visual portfolio


  • Jan 9th to Jan 30th 2009
    Matthew’s Arts
    12 N. Balph Ave
    Bellevue, PA 15202

  • Dec 28th 2007 to Jan.30 2008
    Lincoln Barbershop
    514 Lincoln Ave.
    Bellevue, PA 15202

  • July 13th to 15th, 2007
    Southside Works Exposed Art and Music Festival

  • July 28th to present
    2615 East Carson Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203

  • Dec. 15, 2004, Jan.9, Feb. 16, April 27, June 15, Dec. 27- Jan. 3, 2005-2006
    Birmingham Bridge Tavern
    29th & Sarah St. Southside
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203

  • Sept.12 - Oct31, 2003
    Picturesque Photography &Gifts,
    4300 Butler St.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Work Experience:

  • 2007- present, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Pittsburgh, PA
    Chalk Artist (seasonal)

  • 2001-present, Freelance
    Print layout, Website development and construction

    Website samples;




  • 2000-2001, Rock Fantasy 1 Pittsburgh, Pa Website development and construction.

  • 1995-1999, Excel Sportswear Pittsburgh, Pa IllustratorDeveloped customer concepts from rough sketches to finished ink designs
    Color separations using ruby lithe.
    Designed and developed characters for the company’s clip art CD

  • 1991- 1995, Rock & Roll Museum Memorabilia catalog Pittsburgh, Pa Layout Artist
    Layout and paste up artist of the annual catalog
    Matting and framing of memorabilia.

  • 1989-1992, Rock Fantasy Comics Pittsburgh, Pa
    Illustrator, Paste-up Artist
    Collaborated on stories and developed storyboards.
    Pencil sketches and inked the final art.
    Paste-up pages for printing.


  • 1989 Rock Fantasy Comics Pink Floyd, Developed storyboards, pencil art, final inking and paste-up.

  • 1990 Rock Fantasy Comics Kiss, Developed storyboards, pencil art, final inking and paste-up.

  • 1991 Rock Fantasy Comics Doors, Developed storyboards, pencil art, final inking and paste-up.

  • 1992 Rock Fantasy Comics Great Gig in the Sky, Developed storyboards, pencil art, final inking and paste-up.

  • 2001 Pittsburgh City Paper, December 19 Art Seen

  • 2005 Pittsburgh City Paper, October 26 Art Seen


  • Oil painting,

  • pencil and ink drawing,

  • chalk art,

  • and sculpting

  • Computer skills include;

    • use of Corel draw and Photo-Paint,

    • and Adobe Photoshop

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  • David E. Deffner

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